Angelfish Splash

The water flows from all parts of the angelfish, and then converges into cascading water flows and water curtains, like a group of yellow fairy fish dancing in the water, with a strong visual impact and interactive experience, bringing people into a dreamy underwater kingdom.

anglefish splash pad

Angelfish Splash Pad

Angelfish splash pad made of 304 Stainless Steel+PMMA Plexi-board+FPR Materials, Dimensions are L 236 cm * X 33cm * H 358cm, Standard flow rate is 3m³/h, Splash Zone is 4m * 3m.

Children can run and play around the turtle, trying to dodge the sprays of water as they chase each other and enjoy the cool refreshing mist. The Turtle is a popular attraction in many water parks, offering a fun and safe play area for kids to enjoy all day long.

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