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We enthusiastically accompany your project from concept, implementation, and operation to booming development. We are consistently leading the curve with our innovative twist on traditional water play attractions that add a whole new dimension to play, creating deep impression theme solutions that keep families engaged and community activity immersive.

Project Development

Our project consultants take the time to understand your needs and goals, as well as your splash pads park place and budget. We have a people-first approach; we start every project by getting to know the families you're servicing and thinking creatively about how we can achieve their growth. We set milestones and timelines to ensure your project is delivered on time.

Beyond Expectation

With Cenchi, you don't simply get excellent designs, you receive hands-on technical expertise and water sprayers for kids that extends well beyond the 3D effect. From the customer's ideas and creates exclusive custom design concepts, with interactive and fun, children can exercise and learn skills from it.

Splash Pads Park Installation and Design

PLANNING AND INSTALLING splash pad play a properly engineered splash pad will save you time and money in long-term maintenance, operational residential commercial splash pads costs and allow for flexibility when expanding or upgrading your aquatic play solution.

Read our 7-Step Guide for planning a Community Splash Pad.
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Phase 1. Spalsh Pads Park Site Planning & Analysis

Conduct a full analysis of your site to ensure that the intended design complies with local culture, local building codes and best construction practices. Appoint an aquatic project manager to manage the scheduling, pre-planning, resource forecasting and other technical activities required for your local splash pads. Additionally, you can have your project manager in charge of handling all communications with your aquatic designers, landscape architects and splash pad installers.

Phase 2. Park Splash Pads Feasibility Evaluation 

Evaluate all of the relevant factors that could affect the success of your splash aquatic park project.
We need to think about these questions:

1)Where is the water supply coming from for the splash pad?
2)What water consumption rates should I expect?
3)What kind of water-cycling & water management system is needed and which is the best solution for the splash pads?
4)What is the total project budget – including products +transport +installation +maintenance +personnels and other related spray park costs?

Phase 3: Input from stakeholders

Collect feedback from nearby residents and potential visitors to measure how well the community splash pad plans align with the needs, wants and priorities who will be using it. So, do your research and leave the guesswork out of planning! Read turn key irrigation park projects things to consider are–

1)Is the splash pad targeted to a specific age group? Should play zones be considered?
2)What do the adult people want? What do the childrens want? A zero-depth aquatic play pad or an aquatic play pool with water slides?
3)How will the large splash pads impact its surroundings? Should we consider eco-friendly solutions?
4)Is there a theme that will be carried into the aquatic play space? ( Learn More about our WaterPlay Collections that are designed to inspire creativity and adapt to any environment.)

Phase 4 & 5: Interactive Splash Aquatic Park Project Drawings

Prepare the splash playground project drawings to create a visual representation of all of the required components for your splash park. The drawings should clearly illustrate and define:

1)The overall layout of the splash pads park and the placement of each of it’s water play features(position diagram of each items, play moving-path)
2)3D Effect drawing (or video) of each function zone, the entry area
3)The spray radius and flow rates for each feature
4)And finally, the piping schematics(plumbing drawing, backwater drawing)

Below are a few helpful examples of sprinkler splash pads project drawings for review purposes. Cenchi Design Studio Creat 3D drawing (or video) for backyard splashpad, community splash park, commercial spalsh pad, check the bellow splash park hotel project proposal.

Play Video

Phase 6: Acquisition of Permits & Approvals

Contact the local Health Department to find out the professional health regulations of the splash park. It is also crucial to identify the necessary city or state building permits that will be required for the installation phase.

Phase 7: Manufacturing & Construction Process
You’ve thoroughly planned, analyzed and signed off on all matters related to your aquatic play project. Want to know how much does a splash pad cost?

How to Make a Splash Pad: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Splash Pad Design Guidelines

If you’re looking to create a fun and safe water play area for kids, a splash pad is a great option. But designing a splash pad that’s both functional and visually appealing can be a challenge. This guide offers expert advice on splash pad design, including tips on choosing the right materials, incorporating interactive features, and ensuring safety for all users.

Determine the Purpose and Size of Your Splash Pad

Before you start designing your splash pad, it’s important to determine its purpose and size. Will it be a small play area for young children or a larger space for all ages? Will it be used primarily for cooling off or for interactive play? Once you have a clear idea of the purpose and size of your splash pad, you can start selecting the right features and materials to bring your vision to life.

Choose the Right Materials and Equipment

When designing a splash pad, it’s important to choose materials and equipment that are durable, safe, and easy to maintain. Look for materials that are slip-resistant and won’t fade or deteriorate over time. Consider using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials to ensure the safety of your visitors and the environment. When selecting equipment, make sure it’s age-appropriate and meets safety standards. Regular maintenance and cleaning are also crucial to keep your splash pad in top condition.

Incorporate Interactive Features and Water Play Elements

To make your splash pad more engaging and fun for visitors, consider incorporating interactive features and water play elements. This could include water cannons, sprayers, dumping buckets, and water tunnels. These features not only add to the excitement of the splash pad but also encourage social interaction and imaginative play. Additionally, interactive features can help to keep visitors cool and refreshed on hot summer days. When selecting water play elements, be sure to consider the age range of your visitors and choose features that are appropriate for their abilities and interests.

Consider Safety and Accessibility

When splash park design, safety and accessibility should be top priorities. Make sure the surface of the splash pad, splash pad dimensions is slip-resistant and that there are no sharp edges or corners that could cause injury. It’s also important to provide ample shade and seating areas for visitors to rest and cool off. Additionally, consider incorporating features that are accessible to visitors with disabilities, such as wheelchair-accessible water play elements and ramps. By prioritizing safety and accessibility, you can ensure that your splash pad is enjoyable for all visitors.

Work with Experienced Splash Pad Designers and Installers

When it comes to designing and installing a splash pad, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who have a track record of success. Look for designers and installers who have completed similar projects in the past and who can provide references and examples of their work. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations on everything from layout and features to materials and maintenance. By working with experts, you can ensure that your splash pad is designed and installed to the highest standards of safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

Tips for Splash Park Design

  • Choose a theme: Having a theme can help guide the design and selection of splash pad features. Some options include nautical, beach, jungle, fantasy, etc. The theme will impact the color scheme, shapes, and types of features.
  • Include interactive features: Things like splash pads, spray loops, misters, dumping buckets, slides, etc. These make the splash pad more fun and engaging for kids.
  • Vary the types of sprays: Include some with higher sprays, some lower sprays, misters, etc. This variety makes it interesting for both younger and older kids.
  • Include separation of areas: Have some areas of the splash pad dedicated to younger kids with gentler, lower sprays. And other areas for bigger kids with more powerful sprays. This helps ensure all ages can enjoy the splash pad.
  • Choose kid-friendly surfaces: Non-slip, cushioned surfaces like rubber surfacing are best. Concrete can be hard if kids slip and fall.
  • Include seating areas: Having seating, shade, and picnic areas adjacent to the splash pad gives parents, guardians and kids a place to sit, rest and enjoy snacks.
  • Focus on visibility: The splash pad should be designed so parents and guardians can easily see all areas of the splash pad to keep kids in view. An open design with few obstructions is best.
  • Include signage: Have rules posted visibly, like requiring kids to be accompanied by an adult, appropriate ages for different splash pad areas, no running, etc. This helps set expectations for users.
  • Make it colorful: Bright colors make splash pads more fun, whimsical and kid-friendly. But avoid colors that can look dirty over time.
  • Include non-slip surfacing and drainage: Proper surfacing, drainage and plumbing are important for health, safety and to avoid excess standing water.

Does this help give you some ideas and guidance for designing a splash pad? Let me know if you have any other questions.

Amazing Splash Pad Design

Especially in the creation of imaginative and innovative new water experiences. Discover the water play Difference and connect the world through the joy of water! Cenchi thrills for the whole family. The children and their parents, the friends can splash or rest and relax at our thoughtfully-designed residential splash pads and commercial splash pads park. Cenchi is dedicated to keeping youthful hearts entertained by providing the creative depth your splash pad needs.

Cenchi waterplay construct the projects including public, water parks, hotels and residential, kids school, swimming club and shopping mall. Cenchi splash pad design consultant are knowledgeable, and can help guide you step-by-step through product pricing, specifications, customization, maintenance and more.

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