200㎡ Mini Splash Park

Outdoor Water Splash Pad

The rapid development of splash park has quickly become one of the most popular supporting facilities for communities, shopping malls, schools, resorts, and hotels. It provides a fun, safe and fascinating playing group in the water, which is the fastest way to cool down! If you want to bring your kids to play in the water, then of course the splash park is your first choice.

Splash park is a children’s amusement park, with water sprinklers and fountains, where children can freely embrace their beautiful children This is the best parent-child experience for you and your children’s end, you will also allow your children. release, have fun and enjoy freedom.

Cenchi Splash Park will have water playground, water attractions and features etc. Our designer team will make full use of the space and environment to create an exciting splash park for family. As long as you have one space, Cenchi will provide you a best design.

splash pad for home

Splash Pad For Home

As the temperature continues to rise in summer, playing a happy water trip has become the first choice for many families. Nowadays, people can make a mini splash park at home, and experience the fun of playing with water. People’s choices of water play are becoming more and more diverse. Cenchi, as the leader of home splash pad, what is the difference between Cenchi backyard splash pad? Midsummer water trip, arrange it!

Wonderful 200㎡ Spray Playground Design

splash pad
Forest Park Splash Pad
spray pad
Seaworld Splash Pad
public splash pad
Space Travel Splash Pad
doggie park
Doggy Water Park
water splash park
Kaleidoscope Spray Playground
outdoor splash pad
Sport Splash Park

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Wonderful Splash Aqua Park Waiting To You Join

Water spray pad is widely used in public places and commercial places, hotels, holiday materials, campgrounds and playgrounds all over the world. Sprayers can be assembled indoors and outdoors, and they can be used as a good complement to commercial projects. Cenchi can integrate stainless steel and water splash pads of different colors, shapes, themes and other elements into a spray park to attract the attention of children and parents. Everyone runs, jumps, and plays together. In the hot summer, the spray park brings people together.

Marine discovery


Role playing


Doggie park

Small water slide

Pool sport

Water wall

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