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Cenchi has large modern production workshops, large exhibition halls andmodern quality testing laboratories, covering an area of over 60,000 squaremeters. The company has always adhered to the business policy of “integrity is capital, quality is life, innovation is power”.

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Bringing joy to your splash pad planning, spalsh memory keeping, and water play projects. The feature original sprinkler innovation and one-of-a-kind designs across a wide range of projects from residential, community, hotel, spa, resort and commercial so much more.

Cooperate with a great capacity of materials and equipment suppliers. As the water play project solution provider pioneer, build your own splash pad with Cenchi.

Production And Efficiency Made Easy

If you want to build your own splash pad plan, Cenchi approach to the splash pad pool customer is divided into several phases. It starts from the request for contact by a private to set up an indoor or outdoor water play area, or an operator who wants to realize a spray pad area in his commercial activity, or a tourist operator who wants to renew its accommodation splash area, or swimming club operator who wants pool with splash pad, even the schoolmaster want to add splash water play course, etc.

Cenchi will study your splash pad ideas based on the plan of your area, and we will submit you a 3d drawing (include video and picture) together with an economical offer. We will support you with Cenchi expert consultant who will follow you during the implementation of the splash pad project. Do you like our seaworld splash pad proposal? Or Jungle Kindom solution?

We come to see the space or even better we take you to visit one of our realizations to show you how we operate and the materials we use in the splash pad and pool equipment production as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds water play. Other important services are: repair, maintenance and testing of 304 stainless stell, fiberglass, PMMA plexi-board and GFRC materials, disassembly and reassembly playground equipment. Cenchi can proudly say that we are a factory producing stainless splash play facilities that offers totally “turnkey” solutions. 

See our project tutorial: How To Build Your Own Splash Pad Park

Do you have an indoor or outdoor space and you plan to create a fantastic sprinkler playground? Do you have a shop and you wish a children water play area inside your activity? Are you a tour operator and wish to give an extra-service of pool with splash pad to your accommodation? Get in touch with Cenchi to build your own splash pad.

Send us the area plan and the activities you wish to have in your project: we will study the best splashing wading park solution to meet your requirements. Cenchi will also give you all the necessary “tricks” to take the first steps in the world of “interactive water play” entrepreneurs.

Do you like the seaworld splash pad proposed? or jungle kindom spray pad solution? Let Cenchi build your own splash pad. We come to see your space or even better we plan a visit to one of Cenchi solution to show you “in reality” how we operate and the materials we use. Your splash park project is finally coming true. In the times agreed, our team of technicians will provide to put in work everything that until yesterday was only “a project”

304 Stainless SteeI
Good appearance, corrosion resistance, super hardness and strength, long service life, In line with American ASTM standards

Galvanized Steel
Easy to oxidize and not resistant to corrosion, hardness and strength are not high enough,and the service life is not long

L-RTM Double-sided Glazed Fiberglass
Smooth and flat on both sides, color is uniform, the platform tension is strong, more reliable

TraditionaI Fiberglass Technic
The reverse side of the product is rough and rough,the color is uneven, the hardness is not enough, and it is easy to deform

Splashpads Hardware Production Line

Since Cenchi Workshop inception, it has been continuously improving sprinkler features standardization production process and world-lever product quality control guide, through independent innovation and the introduction of foreign advanced splash technology and knowledge.

Cenchi focus on designing interactive pool splash pad product and water playground equipment, from contemporary design to fun theme, from freestanding splash structures (joint water slides, activity towers, sprinkler features, ground spray) to water management solutions. Our full suite of water products provide an inclusive, sensory-rich play experience in water for children of all ages and abilities. Cenchi take time to build your own splash pad patiently.

Steel Elbow

The bending tube is bent by a complete set of bending equipment, which is divided into two processes: cold simmering and hot pushing, and adopts the IOS7005-1 international standard. The main ti used by Cenchi water fun products mainly material is 304 stainless steel.


The allowance is further removed by CNC precision machining, so that the size of the workpiece is within the tolerance range required by the drawing to ensure that it is suitable for the use and assembly of the product.

Surface Treatment

In the process of bending and bending, the scratches and creases and the gaps at the welding places, etc., are compensated by Cenchi through manual mechanical grinding treatment, which makes the stainless steel surface more uniform and beautiful.


Each Cenchi product will undergo trial splash pad installation and splicing before delivery to ensure that each splash pool products can be smoothly spliced according to the Cenchi installation drawings.

Gel Coating

Since the stainless steel is smooth and clean, you cannot just paint the surface, you must use a suitable method to paint it. If you want to paint decorative accessories, Cenchi recommends some special paints. The stainless steel surface can be decorated with high temperature baking paint and mold, and is durable.

Splash Testing

Each splash pad product produced by Cenchi will be tested in the factory to achieve the final desired spray effect. Check see more water play products testing videos.

International Certificate

Our products have passed IS09001 quality management system certification, IS014001 environmental management system certification, European CE certification, 304 source material certification and many other domestic and foreign authorities certification. Here is Cenchi quality assurance system, part of the product quality testing, insurance and achieved honor, so that you can feel at ease, comfortable, rest assured to choose Cenchi sprinkler products. Build your own spalsh pad by Cenchi, guarantee your water playing experience.

Cooperation Partnerships

Cenchi brings together domestic and foreign water park experts to form a professional technical R&D and design team as a high-end water spalsh park solution provider, dedicated to providing one-stop services for project planning, 2D, 3D design, splash pad product innovation, sprinkler features manufacturing and water playground equipment installation!

Since Cenchi establishment, our products have been successfully exported to Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, covering water park, public park, school, children park, hotel, community, residential!Won the praise of customers and stable order cooperation.

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