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Cenchi is the top manufacturer of interactive sprinkler park equipment, water spray feature, and big splash pad design, fabrication and construction. We provide products which outdoor splash pad, water play features, as well as intricate structures for amusement parks and hotels around the world. Providing a sustainable solution that empowers hours of interactive play without water consumption and venue space limits. Cenchi splash park solution provides a fun, safe and fascinating playing group in the water, which is the fastest way to cool down! If you want to bring your kids to play in the water, then of course the water splash park is your first choice. Each of our outdoor splash pad projects has something unique to offer, therefore we needs to write it down to remember. Browse through our professional outdoor splash pad industry articles, this is the talk of experience, each outdoor splash pad article is worth savoring.

Sprinkler Playground

Water Spray Effects of Sprinkler Playground

Variety of water spray feature effects, at sprinkler playground. Cenchi Believe Spray Longer, Play Longer. After more than 10 years of product innovation, we have absorbed the world’s advanced interactive water play concept, and summed

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splash pad park

How To Build A Splash Pad Park

Splash Pad Park Services Process PLANNING AND INSTALLING a properly engineered splash pad park will save you time and money in long-term maintenance, operational costs and allow for flexibility when expanding or upgrading your aquatic

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irrigation park

Turn-Key Irrigation Park Projects

Cooperate With Cenci to Built A Irrigation Park Do you have business about sprinkler park projects or want to know the cost to built it. Let us understand how to cooperate with irrigation playground solution

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Splash Park Tutorial

Splash Park Prospects & Tutorial

What is Splash Pad Park Splash park refers to a playground with water as the main feature with spray attractions, water slides, water tower, lazy rivers and other water leisure facilities. Its rise has changed

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