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STEM Water Flow Wall

Using the Pipe Builder’s kit, components are connected by using fixing bands and screws, and “T” “I” “X” conneciors and differ white plasic connectors of 90. and 135 degrees, as well. Providing opportunilies for numerous whacky routes. Variety of plastic pouring jugs and funnels enable water play too. children could make interesting routes for a ball or water to flow through.

Add some valves to stop the water flow mid-way through a system. Children will be able to see water backing up to the volume of switched offl and then allow it to flow through when they want too. There. are some long flexible tubes too. which form an excellent uninterrupted route tor the balls which can be connected by clear ridged tubing. Cenchi water pump is avoilable separolely to enable children to if woter to the top of the system and to create closed loop water cycles

Stimulating Aquatic Play

All movements of the swimming movement are symmetrical, even, balanced and non-traumatic. The pressure of water on the body during swimming promotes people’s breathing to deepen, thereby greatly improving respiratory function and lung capacity. Because of the friction between water and the human body when swimming, and repeated hot and cold stimulation, the microcirculation of the human body is improved, the immune system is enhanced, and swimming can improve your ability to resist cold and disease. The flexibility of the joints is also greatly improved.

Pool Basketball

Pool basketball is really fun. Unlike ordinary land basketball, the court is set in a swimming pool. People need to resist the resistance of the water flow and shoot hard! It’s not easy to shoot successfully, because there will be some unknown obstacles along the way that will hinder your progress, so interested friends must not lose this opportunity to play, let’s play pool basketball together and shoot with passion Bar!

pool basketball

Aqua Climb

Aqua Climb walls requires people to continuously complete thrilling movements such as turns, pull-ups, maneuvers and even jumps on rock walls of various heights and angles, provide supplemental training for aquatic sports. It is fun way for kids to learn about climbing, integrates fitness, entertainment and competition.

Pool Bridge

Pool Bridge is a healthy and stylish pool activity. It sets up and builds various levels of difficulty, style, and adventure between the columns. Children shuttle through obstacles such as bridges and nets. Through climbing, leaping, etc., they can exercise from one side of the pool to the other. Let you experience high-altitude falling and free gliding, and feel the thrill of aerial climbing and crossing the middle of the swimming pool. Pool Bridge is a modern pool sport that combines challenge, excitement.

Pool Zipline

Pool ziplining is a challenging, exciting and entertaining modern pool sport. All of its structure is not exposed to water and is only deck mounted. Children glide downwards at a high speed from a height by using the height difference. Make people feel the excitement and satisfaction in the thrilling happiness. Competitors of all ages are eager to jump into the pool!

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