Splash Pad Park Project

Splash Pad Park 

This is what we call one stop solution of water park for family. Comparing to common splash pad park, the interactive parent-child water park also contain water slides, splash pad, water course, fountain, changing room and ticketing office etc., and all those products will have the interactive functions between parent and children.

We would be pleased to inspire you by providing details of with some of the stunning water attractions and total concepts that we have completed.

Make to order your city pad park attractions under your budget, or apply Cenchi exist popular theme solutions. Decisions quickly.

Each of our projects has something unique to offer, therefore calls for a different exhibit, view bellow our completed projects.

best Park splash pad

Cenchi the best splash pad park will have water playground, water attractions and features etc. Our designer team will make full use of the space and environment to create an exciting splash park for family. As long as you have one space, Cenchi will provide you a best design.

Bahrain Splash Pad Park

Blue City, Modern City, Blue Hour, Relex time.

The core focus of early childhood education is proper to play. Some people say that the ocean is the origin of everything. Based on this, Canchi built a life Marine Discovery water play area for the kids.

Spain Splash Pad Park

Hotel, Community, Public Park

Cenchi have development of three impressive splash pad parks in different cities at Spain, each with unique and exciting attractions, each with unique and exciting attractions.

Meizhou Splash Slide

Holiday Resort, Luxury Hotel

Immerse yourself in the flexible water world, enjoy the fun of playing in the splash slide on vacation, and enter to keep your vacation passionate and replenish the vitality you need every day.

Wuhan Splash Water Park

Amusement park,

Use themed concept and non-dynamic amusement facilities, combined with the park leisure green space and splash water park, it is mainly aimed at children and parent-child customers. Build new impression and play experiences for the parent-child section of the splash park to bring more joy to children!

Why Splash Pad Parks Are Perfect for Summer Fun

Splash pad parks offer a safe and exciting way for kids to cool off during the hot summer months. Discover why these parks are a must-visit destination for families!

A splash pad park, also known as a spray park, is a recreation area for water play that has little or no standing water. It typically features sprays, showers, and sprinklers that spray water moving through pipes. Some of the key features of a park splash pad include:

• No standing water – The water is sprayed and drains quickly, so there are no pools or standing water areas. This eliminates the need for lifeguards and reduces safety issues.

• Spray features – This includes things like spray loops, misters, sprinklers, cannons, tunnels, and shower heads that spray water. These are activated either manually using buttons or automatically using sensors and timers.

• Non-slip surfaces – The park splash pad surface is made of non-slip concrete or rubber material to minimize slips and falls since the area will get wet.

• Drainage system – There is an elaborate drainage system underneath the water pad to efficiently drain and recirculate the water. The water is treated and filtered before being recirculated.

• Age-appropriate zones – Larger splash pads often have distinct areas dedicated to different age groups with age-appropriate spray features in each zone.

• Optional play features – Some spray pads incorporate additional play features like climbing structures, slides, and swings that surround or are incorporated into the water splash area.

• Seating for parents – Splash pads typically provide seating areas, shade structures, and other amenities for parents and caregivers.

• Operating season – Most splash pads operate during the warm summer months, typically from Memorial Day to Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada. Some are open year-round in warmer climates.

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