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Whether you are in the market for a new fountain pad for your existing wet park, or home or doing research for an entirely new venture, as a professional splash playground fountain manufacturer, splash park owners, and swimming pool builders often come to Cenchi consultant with questions about the types of splash pad fountain we have available and the specs for each playable fountain. Cenchi has all of your interactive fountain questions covered!

Keep reading below to learn more about the different types of water play fountains we have available!

12 Constellation Splash Fountains

Collaborate Cenchi design studio team (the design conception, 2D floor plan design, 3D effect drawing and visual) to customize your splash pad fountain, create a unique children’s fountain world and increase your splash value.

Incorporate a personalized element, such as the 12 constellation theme, Leo, Aries, Gemini, etc., with the scientific trivia of the zodiac to run through and complete a water fountain splash pad theme or simply fountain pad add excitement. This is a great way to stimulate your kids’ imagination while creating a unique look for your water park and exploring the mysteries of the constellations together.

Make your water park a unique destination and enhance its splash value. Be sure to consult the Cenchi team to customize spray playground theme projects, sprinkler feature product development, and splash park atmosphere construction, we can meet your water splash pad fountain vision and budget.

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Interactive Fountains Water Play Features

Variety of water spray feature effects, at sprinkler playground. Cenchi Believe Spray Longer, Play Longer. After more than 10 years of product innovation, we have absorbed the world’s advanced interactive water play concept, and summed up the water spray effects suitable for different occasions. Now let Canchi show you a set of water spray effects with vivid pictures and image descriptions. Image to inspire your wet deck playground ideas.

The splash water play fountain is different from the landscape fountain viewed in the usual square. The water fountain is playable and suitable for all ages, has great inclusiveness; it is characterized by diverse water spray effects, easy installation, and replacement. Learn more about splash pad products at Cenchi factory.

Cenchi arch jet playable fountain spray panels can be customized with various pattern designs, Contact Cenchi for a set of twelve constellations splash fountain. In the splash park scene, can freely combine and match to make the whole scene more fun and novel. Supplementing more water play experiences for children, improve the intimacy of family parent-child interaction, suitable for installation in your home, home backyard, commercial, hotel, resort, school and other areas.

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