Archimedes Water Pump Playground

Archimedes Water Playground

The ancient human-powered water-taking device (invented by paleo physicist Archimedes) manually turns the screw to make the water climb up the screw and finally flow out from the upper port. The water is activated through the matching of various components, which increases the fun and popular science!

Children naturally like to play with water, and water is a very good gift from nature to children. Water is a common material in fluid science. Simply playing with water is just a kind of entertainment. Incorporating water into amusement facilities and carrying out scientific design and planning can allow children to get in touch with a lot of related logistics knowledge while having fun. Therefore, the integration of the three elements of water science, water interaction, and water landscape is a recommended solution in the planning of modern garden landscape amusement facilities. What equipment does our Archimedes water equipment have below?

archimedes screw water pump

Archimedes Water Screw

Archimedes screw water pump is an important device in children's water play series. It transports water from a low place to a high place and can be matched with other water-playing components to realize a series of game functions and landscape effects. The non-powered water fetching device can let children get in touch with the principle of water fetching and related physical knowledge. It has certain popular science value and film viewing value.

Turntable Bucket Wheel

The water can be discharged by turning the turntable, and the water can be discharged by turning clockwise or counterclockwise. This can exercise the coordination of hands. The roller water lifting equipment adopts a wheel structure, which saves more energy for children to operate. Pushing the roller to one side can transport the water to the water guide trough or the water collection basin and realize the interactive function or waterscape effect. This device is very playable when applied to a paddling pool or splash park.

Archimedes bucket wheel
Archimedes shooter

Archimedes Shooter

Hold the handles on both sides with both hands at the same time and press down on the handle, and the water will be sprayed out from the mushroom head immediately. The long-range range can reach more than ten meters, and the interaction is highly competitive. It can be installed in the confrontational interactive water play scene, besides the pool, or in the splash pad park. It is recommended to install a few more when planning and the interaction will be better.

Lock Gate

The water control gate device is used to control the direction of water flow or create a flood discharge effect. Children can observe the characteristics of water flow and how to control the flow of water. The picture is of children playing with the water flow gate.

Archimedes Lock Gate
mushroom fountain

Mushroom Fountain

The function of a small pressing device is not simple. When your hands squeeze it down, you will find a small fountain on the ground gushing out suddenly. Children can't put it down. Children press down on the mushroom head with their small palms, and the waterfalls from under the mushroom head are in the shape of a water curtain, which is both mysterious and fun for children. This unit is perfect for a kindergarten or water park.

Playground Archimedes Pump

Traditional hand-cranked water dispensing device. Children only need to gently lift the handle up and down to get water, which is the traditional style of pressing water wells. Children can exercise their body balance and arm strength during the operation. This device is suitable for scenic spots, parks, or commercial real estate.

playground pump

Archimedes Park Solution Provider

Whether in life or in nature, water does not exist in isolation. While playing with water, children are also perceiving water and things related to water. Cenchi can combine water elements with other functions or games when design and planning splash pad or water playground park, such as water and terrain, water and sand, water and utensils, water and science, water and artistic creation.

Archimedes is a very important part of many children’s outdoor water play games. From the construction of the new splash park solution drawings and plans to the efforts to renovate the old park for children in a limited space, the area where children play with water is Designed often requires consideration and scrutiny.

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