Corn Poppy Splash Pad

The shape and color of Corn Poppy splash pad fit the atmosphere of the forest environment, making it immersive. The rose water spray toy can be combined with other tree vegetation elements to create a beautiful kingdom of flowers. Corn Poppy is integrated with the water spray effect, like a blooming living sculpture, reflecting the artistry of the design. Corn Poppy’s petals are equipped with a water spray device, which can produce an upward arc of water flow, and then roll down to produce a light mist beauty. The effect is reminiscent of midsummer.

Corn Poppy Splash Pad

Corn Poppy

Corn Poppy splash pad constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and PMMA plexi-board materials. Dimensions φ 105cm * H 319cm, splash zone 5m * 4m, standard flow rate 4m³/h. Standard flow pressure 0.3 – 0.6 Bar. With embedded parts and a foot protector.

Corn Poppy splash pad is a choice that not only has a natural ecological texture but also has a sense of art and interactive experience. It brings people not only visual enjoyment but also a unique experience of exploring nature and getting close to flowers. This romantic, novel, and imaginative design is deeply loved by children and parents.

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