Crab Splash Pad

The crab spray equipment is often installed near pools or other water play areas, and it is a popular choice for parks and water-themed attractions because of its attractive design and interactive nature. Overall, the crab spray is an excellent addition to any water park or pool area, providing an exciting way to cool off and have fun on hot summer days.

Crab splash pad


Crab splash pad is made of 304 stainless steel+Acrylic, Dimensions is L 53cm * W 58cm * H 64cm, Splash Zone is 2m * 2m, Pressure is 0.34-0.69 Bar, Standard Flow Rate is 3m³/h, it can rotate by 360 degree, Equipped with embedded parts and foot protector.

The crab’s eyes, claws, and various parts of the body are equipped with a large number of water jets, which can realize 360-degree all-round water jets, bringing a strong visual experience and interactive fun.

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