Fiber Pool Slide Small Splash Park

Fiber Pool Slide Small Water Playground

Fiber Pool Slide Small

Water Playground

Cenchi is a privately owned international corporation and splash pad manufacturer that has been an innovator of unique and interactive splash park equipment since established.

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fiber pool slide small

Archaeological Paradise 320 ft²

Inherit ancient historical and archaeological culture, open up parent-child interaction artistic conception experience, create a new archaeological professional experience mode, and let more and more children contact archaeology. With innovative themes, the combination of archaeology profession, innovative modes and playing methods, Shepherd Baby Dinosaur Archaeological Park has become one of the favorite projects for children.

Service Area 55 ft²

The decoration style and color of the rest area should be in harmony with the overall theme of the water splash park. The overall style is mainly fresh and bright, making people refreshing. The music in the rest area is mainly warm and soothing light music, so that parents can relax after sitting down.

Service Area

Public Playground 450 ft²

Public playground is one of the main contents of water play park construction and an important part of the ecosystem and landscape of museum splash park. It is a place to meet the leisure needs of children and parents, provide rest, sightseeing, exercise, communication, and hold various water play cultural activities.

Inflatable Trampoline Bridge 900 ft²

The water inflatable trampoline is an upgraded product based on the interactive trampoline. The water trampoline has more entertainment settings and cool trampoline movements. Players can not only experience high altitude jumping, flying in the universe, deep-sea travel, jungle exploration and other game contents, but also fully experience the fun of water trampoline in different themes and playing methods.

Inflatable Trampoline bridge
fiber pool slide small

Splash Pad Family Pool With Slide 700 ft²

Splash Pad with Family Pool Slide is the center of the most water park, with a thermostatic swimming pool entrance and multiple hot spring pool bathing areas at the back, so that all children and parents can enjoy the comfort after sports. The whole paddling area includes two family wide slides and an open spring slide. The exit of the slide is a splash pad area with springler features and an activity tower play ground.

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