Leaf Mist Splash Pad

The visual effect of the leaf shape and soft water mist is fresh and pleasant. People feel as if they are in nature and experience the flow of water and the surrounding leaves. The cool water vapor gently blows over the whole body, washing away the heat and fatigue, making people linger and forget to return.

leaf mist splash pad

Leaf Mist

Leaf Mist splash pad constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and PMMA plexi-board materials. Dimensions 89 * 250 * 330cm, splash zone 3m * 3m, 4 standard flow rate m³/h. Standard flow pressure 0.4 – 0.7 Bar. With embedded parts and foot protector.

It is a Leaf Mist splash pad inspired by the leaves of trees, usually installed in the park’s fountain or shallow water area. The appearance of the leaves is very beautiful and realistic, bringing visual enjoyment to visitors. In the hot summer, he not only brings a cool body feeling but also brings the fun of water play. Attracting a large number of children, these devices have become one of the popular facilities in the park.

Leaf Shower

Leaf Shower splash pad constructed from FPR and stainless materials. Dimensions L 600cm * W 94cm * H 310 cm, splash zone 6m * 4m, Standard Flow Rate 5 m³/h, standard flow pressure 0.4 – 0.7 Bar. Advantage: embedded parts and foot protector.

The unique shape of the green leaf-shaped sprinkler equipment, as if a leaf in the spraying water, is very realistic, giving visitors visual enjoyment. At the same time also give children to bring west water east joy in as well as a cool and comfortable experience, becoming one of the popular facilities in the summer park.

leaf shower splash pad

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