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What is Stationary Surf Machine

A stationary surf machine refers to a device or system that creates artificial waves for surfing in a controlled environment. Surf simulator needs a site, this may involve clearing the area, creating a level and stable foundation, and ensuring all required utilities are available on-site.

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Surf Machine - Single

The Surf Simulator is for everyone! Visitors of all surfing levels can practice balancing and conquering waves without fear of falling.

In real waves, it is rare for novices to be able to ride on a wave after learning for several hours. But on a surfing equipment, going from novice to experienced may only take a few hours. Experienced surfers will be excited to ride longer waves than ever before on the simulator!

  • Dimensions: 6.7 m x 16.25 m
  • Tank Volume: 106,300 L
  • Operating Weight: 161,000 kg
  • Power Requirements: (90kW/hr) 3 phase

Benefits of Using Surfing Machine for Solo Riders

Simulated Surfing Machine offer a range of benefits for solo riders looking to improve their surfing abilities. Firslty, because only one flowrider are allowed to practice on single model surfing machine, you can enjoy a full range of experiences without having to worry about falling. It provide a safe environment for beginners to learn the basics of surfing. By starting on a surf simulator, riders can practice their balance, foot placement, and technique in a controlled setting, allowing them to progress at their own pace. Wave machine are not limited by weather conditions or geographical location. This accessibility makes surf machine a great option for those who want to surf but are unable to do so regularly.

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