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Unlock Wider Waves with Premium Surf Machine

Designed to simulate the exhilarating sensation of riding waves in the ocean, Cenchi cutting-edge technology premium surf machine - wide delivers a truly immersive surfing experience for surfers of all skill levels. Surfing on wider waves is not only exciting but also a great way to stay active, socialize, and enjoy the thrill of the sport. Unlock wider waves and embark on an unforgettable surfing adventure that will challenge, inspire, and delight riders of all ages and abilities.

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Wave Simulator Surfing - Wide

Premium surf machine - wide to access wider waves, this surf wave simulator provide more trills for all skill levels riders, test their balance, agility, and speed as they navigate the broader surf, providing a thrilling and rewarding ride that pushes their limits and skills to new heights.

  • Dimensions: 9.15 m x 15.25 m
  • Tank Volume: 60, 500 L
  • Operating Weight: 94,000 kg
  • Power Requirements: (180kW/hr) 3 phase

Benefits of Using Surfing Machine for More Riders

Cenchi enhanced surf machine creat wider waves, offer a more dynamic and challenging ride, allowing surfers to hone their skills and technique in a safe and controlled environment. Also made safety improvements in the face of bigger waves. In a spacious and safe area, riders of any level can practice and improve their skills without the risks that come with open water surfing. Whether you're a surfing enthusiast or a casual rider looking for a unique experience, our premium surf machine offers endless fun and entertainment for individuals, families, and groups.

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