Wiggle Spray Area

A “wiggle spray attraction” is one type of recreational splash play area,
it brings kids with interactive elements that spill, and squirt water in unexpected ways, prompting children and families to “wiggle” and dodge while getting wet.

wiggle splash pad

Wiggle Spray

Wiggle spray splash pad constructed from 304 stainless materials with the highest wall thicknesses in the industry. Dimensions L60 * W114 * H80 cm, splash zone 2m * 2m, standard flow rate 2m³/h GPM, pressure 0.3-0.6 Bar, can 360-degree rotation, equipped with embedded parts and foot protector.

An interactive wiggle splash play area that surprises guests and makes them wiggle and dart around sounds fun, especially for kids seeking a thrill and an unpredictable water experience.

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