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Demystifying Maya Beach Aqua Splash Park

Demystifying Maya Beach Aqua Splash Park

Maya Beach Aqua Splash Water Park is a water park brand under the OCT Group. With the theme of Mayan culture, it integrates “thrilling” and “family travel”. The Maya Beach Aqua Splash Park in Hengyang is the eighth Maya Beach Water Park in the country and the eighth Maya Beach Water Park project of Taijiu Information Smart Tourism Service.

In hot summer, aquapark splash in water theme parks become the most popular outdoor venues. Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park officially opened in July, 2022.

As the first cultural tourism project in Hengyang OCT Cultural Tourism Resort, the launch of Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park will fill the market vacancy of local large-scale cultural tourism products in Hengyang City and promote the development of cultural tourism industry in Hunan Province and Central China.

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This high-quality large-scale aquapark splash has 15 sets of world-class star fun wave equipment and 30+ water leisure and entertainment projects that are most worthy of experience. Since the opening of the park, Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park has also held a number of carnival activities. each period.

Maya Beach Water Park is a chain water park brand under the Overseas Chinese Town Group. With the theme of Mayan culture, it integrates “thrilling” and “family travel”. The Maya Beach Water Park in Hengyang is the eighth Maya Beach Water Park in the country and the eighth Maya Beach Water Park project of Taijiu Information Smart Tourism Service.

With years of informatization development, Taijiu Information has applied digital and intelligent services to different categories of theme parks, and at the same time, the construction of smart scenic spots in the category of water parks has been implemented all over the country.

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01 Smart Scenic Spot Service Platform

Water parks both benefit from hot climates and have to overcome hot outdoor temperatures. The water area, greenery and shading area in Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park cover more than 90% of the park, and the queuing area has been shaded. The inherent environmental construction and hardware facilities of the park are indispensable. With the help of information construction, from the perspective of tourists as the main body, it is also necessary to take into account the initiative and flexibility of tourists themselves.

Therefore, Taijiu Information has established a system integration platform for Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park, which is open to tourists and accesses all services such as ticketing, map navigation, catering and retail in the water park, and fully integrates the resources of Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park. . Tourists only need to open the applet of the service platform to obtain all valid information, and provide intelligent services for tourists before and during the tour.

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02 Aqua Splash Park Smart Ticketing System

The ticketing system of Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park is based on the “cloud ticketing” business of Taijiu Information, decoupling software and hardware, supporting data standardization and integration of business and finance. The cloud ticketing developed to OTM3.0 has rich functions and a powerful system, providing one-stop service, opening up various business processes, multiple ticket setting methods and multi-functional park management.

The ticketing system is also equipped with intelligent hardware. The Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park has set up face recognition gates, verification POS machines, and an integrated online and offline quick ticket checking process to ensure the comfort and experience of tourists.

03 Aqua Park Splash Smart Rental System

Floating circles and kayaks are indispensable tools to experience the water sports of Maya Beach Water Park. There are many floating circle rental points in the park, all of which use the independent rental system created by Taijiu Information. Smart leasing benefits both staff and tourists. The front-end is simple and fast to handle, and the back-end account details and database are powerful.

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In recent years, water parks around the world have developed rapidly, and branded and large-scale water parks have been continuously deployed in splash aqua park and leisure centres. In addition, due to the short construction period and low investment, most theme scenic spots will also introduce various spalsh pad sprinkler features in the park to create a mini splash park. With the increase of my country’s per capita income and the growth of residents’ leisure and entertainment needs, the splash waterpark industry still has broad development potential.

Due to its own attributes, the water park is equivalent to seasonal operation. During the golden period from July to September, how to catch the most tourists in the fastest time? Product quality upgrade, multi-functional development layout, personalized brand building, and compound marketing are all essential.

To prolong the economic benefits of the scenic spot, in addition to holding an electronic music festival at night in Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park to develop the night economy, creating a second match project is also an important part.

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During the non-golden business period of the water park, the primary plan is to add new formats, new consumption scenarios, and introduce new consumption content and experiential products. Taking Nanchang Maya Paradise as an example, Maya Adventures will be held in October. Through the construction of scenes and stories, a haunted house with distinct themes will be created to give tourists immersive adventure fun.

In recent years, enriching cultural consumption and increasing the format of scenic spots are inseparable from the means of immersion. It is not uncommon to see the upgrading and development of cultural tourism destinations through immersive projects.

Cenchi can create customized services for different theme water parks and cultural tourism destinations. Combined with the splash pad pray effect experience accumulated over the years, it can be integrated with the characteristics of cultural tourism destinations to create small group immersive games or medium and large-scale immersive projects.

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We will continue to make efforts to provide customers with more comprehensive support by using technology-driven, technological innovation, and caring services.

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