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Attica Park Aquapolis, Athens, Greece

Athens is a famous historical and cultural city as well as one of the most popular water play tourist destinations in the world. How to make use of a large number of tourists and surrounding zoos and other attractions to create a water park with parents and children as the main customer group? In this issue, let us walk into Aquapolis, Athens, to see how historical accumulation, mythological elements, and adrenaline-soaring splash water parks are integrated.

Athens used to be the center of knowledge and politics in the world in history. When it comes to historical and cultural precipitation, Athens also has many unique resources.

Attica Park Aquapolis

Today, Athens and its surroundings are a popular tourist destination for those looking to visit historical sites such as the fabled Acropolis, amazing food, beautiful beaches, And some new family-friendly attractions—a new water park, cleverly named Aquapolis (Greek for “water town”).

In the summer of 2020, Aquapolis, the water city, ushered in its park debut. It was built next to the Attica Zoo. This location provides a lot of passenger flow advantages. As the only zoo in Greece, Attica Zoo receives hundreds of thousands of visitors of all ages from all over the country every year. Combining entertainment with education, it now offers visitors a unique tour of five continents, with 290 species of animals such as lions, Asian elephants, giraffes, monkeys, bears, penguins, and parrots living in more than 20 hectares , dolphins, etc.

Visitors can choose to buy tickets and only visit the aqua park, or they can buy a package ticket to visit the zoo and the water park on the same day. The water park operates Tuesdays to Sundays from June to September, while the zoo operates year-round.

The water park’s operating hours coincide well with the high temperatures in Athens from June to early September. Those visiting the Socratic sights in ancient Agora are often looking for a place to escape the heat during their trip, and many will consider spending an afternoon in the water town of Aquapolis.

Attica Park Aquapolis

See Water City up close.

The design of the water city mainly considers the needs of family customers. The water park team worked with architectural firm Stefanos Vasdekis & Architects on the general layout and design. For the water play equipment, the team worked with Polin Waterparks.

“Aquacity Waterpark is one of the most exciting ride experiences in the city of Athens. In a world of fun and adrenaline-filled waterparks, we have created iconic rides for the whole family, such as the King Cobra waterslide, “Mini Magician” and a special themed water ride. “We are proud to partner with Attica Park Aquapolis,” said Baris Pakis, President of Polin Group.

The water park has 17 water slides and 3 swimming pools, divided into different areas, including the passion speed area, family adventure area and beach area. Each area offers great rides, as well as areas to relax in the park. The iconic attraction of Watertown is the “King Cobra” water slide. The ‘King Cobra’ is Greece’s first Cobra slide, featuring its beautiful fiberglass shape and offering a thrilling ride.

In the design and operation of water parks, we always strive to make the guests feel happy and comfortable. Visitors can use free sun beds, sun chairs and parasols. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the park, and parking is also free.

Inside the park, visitors will find the Aqua Café, designed to provide moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Nestled next to the waterslide, kids and adults can enjoy snacks, refreshing salads, and a variety of pasta. Or at the grill stand, they can choose from juicy burgers, kebabs, and more. Stopping at the Aqua Café, guests can also taste the unique coffee provided by experienced baristas, as well as a variety of ice cream, adding a touch of freshness to their itinerary.

The water park also offers a retail space called Aquashop, where guests can buy fun souvenirs, or buy some play essentials, such as bath towels, sunscreen and more.

Attica Park Aquapolis

An award-winning park. In 2021, Aquapolis won the International Tourism Award for “Best Water Park in Greece”. Organized and managed by the Golden Tree Events Organization and Managing in Dubai, UAE, the International Travel Awards focuses on all businesses involved in the travel sector around the world. From hotels to tourist boards, attractions, travel companies, and more, the awards celebrate excellence across industries and represent the best attractions, parks, and institutions in the world.

About to enter its third year of operation, Watertown is fast becoming one of the most exciting experiences in the city of Athens. This is a place where the whole family can find joy and pump adrenaline together.

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