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Big Splash Park Investment And Development Factors

Big Splash Park Investment And Development Factors

How much investment to build a big splash park, how to choose a favorable location, how to select equipment, and how to realize the profit of the water splash park in the shortest time, many factors need to be considered comprehensively. As far as investing in the development of water park projects is concerned, don’t follow what others say and invest blindly. Cenchi believes that market positioning, functional positioning, theme positioning, operation management and other aspects should be comprehensively considered before making a decision.

Splash Water Park Market Positioning

  1. Market area population: population base, net population inflow, etc.;
  2. Consumption ability: including per capita GDP, per capita disposable income, and charging standards for similar products in surrounding areas;
  3. Climate conditions: suitable time period for kids water splash park, weather conditions within the time period;
  4. Location transportation: mainly consider the public transportation and urban road transportation in the project area, which can reach the project conveniently and quickly, and solve the parking problem, etc.;
  5. Industry competition: mainly analyze the scale, characteristics and main business income of similar projects such as water parks in this area and adjacent areas;
  6. History and culture: including local historical stories, legends, famous characters and special products, characteristics, folk traditions, etc., we select unique elements from them to create an exclusive boutique culture;
  7. Product pricing: The unit price of each consumption of this project is determined mainly according to the local consumption capacity and the consumption situation of similar projects;
  8. Passenger flow forecast: mainly based on the analysis of the target customer group in the project area, make an estimate of the total passenger flow that will occur in the project in the future, including flow, flow direction and distribution in time and space;
  9. Policy support: the local government’s support for the project, including land, policies, financial subsidies, etc.;
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Splash Pad Function Positioning

  1. Customer group structure: According to the structure of the customer group, select the proportion of splash pad equipment types, the proportion of children’s family equipment, combination equipment, special equipment, single or multi-person equipment;
  2. Regional competition equipment: According to the existing similar equipment in the region, differentiate the equipment configuration;
  3. Complex equipment selection: The selection of water park equipment is diversified, focusing on the creation of family and children’s products, which not only meets the needs of family travel, but also entertains and increases the interaction and intimacy of family members;
  4. Featured equipment: Refine 1-2 main or Internet celebrity equipment of this project, and focus on building to attract popularity.

Differentiated Landscape Design

  1. Landscape theme positioning: According to market positioning and functional positioning, integrate landscape packaging and theme scene implantation with local characteristics;
  2. Architectural style: The architectural style conforms to the project’s differentiation strategy and the needs of landscape theme packaging;
  3. Iconic architectural style and landscape plan for key nodes: the project needs to focus on creating a characteristic landmark building and carrying out corresponding packaging as the focus of project publicity;
  4. Spatial location and external connection relationship: Make full use of the spatial relationship, make the function and equipment layout three-dimensional and spatially hierarchical, and create a distinctive theme scene through the combination of buildings, water bodies, greening and landscape sketches, and the theme scene needs to be integrated with the equipment. Interaction, make the landscape ecological and leisure, make the auxiliary leisure facilities themed and humanized, and make the secondary consumption normal and diversified.
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Diversification Of Operations

  1. Comprehensive model development ideas (combined with scenic spots, hotels, resorts, hot springs and other park formats);
  2. Appropriately increase other seasonal functional products, diversify product experience, and achieve multi-season operation through intelligent, immersive experience, multi-functional and other multi-dimensional integrated product operations;
  3. New media marketing ideas. Multi-channel online and offline promotion.

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