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Splash Pad and Park Differentiated Design

Splash Pad and Park Differentiated Design

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1. IP Design

For splash pad and park to achieve differentiation and sustainable development from other market products, it is very important to have IP that tourists like and accept, and it is also an important job to cultivate potential customers. This “IP wind” first achieved excellent results in the film and television culture industry, and then it was logically introduced into the theme park field. After abandoning the traditional “pure play” style of stacking equipment, the splash pad with park has gradually become themed. A complete and interesting story line is set up during the play process, so that the entire process of visiting the park is like “watching a movie”, so as to stay in the irrigation parks. Impressed.

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2. Integrated Design

“The planning of the splash theme park has developed towards the direction of integrated design. The overall design is a complete process, from the overall planning and layout, to the design of the architectural form, the research and development of the theme IP, the integrated design of landscape architecture, and the introduction of the show… More and more abundant elements have put forward new requirements for the planning and design of theme splash pad and park.”

Planning and planning integration + Program deepening integration

Planning stage:
Project site selection, crowd positioning, planning and layout, and product differences should be considered in an integrated manner. Places with convenient transportation and beautiful environment should be selected to attract tourists; combined with IP system construction to enhance market adhesion and stimulate secondary consumption; rationally plan venues to maximize reception; increase splash fountains product differentiation and improve product market Competitiveness.

Plan deepening stage:
The theme IP should be first in the design. The theme is the soul of the wet playground. After setting a theme, the spray area will be divided but not scattered; the environment of each partition will be built around this big theme, and the results of various facilities will be more interesting. Interesting; the theme can clarify the packaging style of buildings and equipment, strengthen the connection between indoor and outdoor, enrich the landscape and plant configuration, make the spray style more coordinated, and highlight the characteristics of the park; the theme can deepen and strengthen tourists’ cognition of the park and enhance the immersive experience of tourists.

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3. Enhance Interactivity

In the planning and design stage, the splash pad and park should also consider incorporating more scientific and technological elements, so that the theme and tourists can interact, especially in the night field with performing arts and viewing as the main gameplay, and special attention should be paid to enhancing interactivity – “interactive” Nightclubs may be one of the most interesting future developments in the water park industry.”

After experiencing the early splash pad and parks that mainly focused on the experience of amusement equipment, tourists have higher and higher requirements and expectations for the new generation of water parks. The creativity of theme and culture and the integration of theme stories driven by IP are also becoming more and more important. The accumulation of pure water amusement equipment can no longer meet the experience needs of tourists. The only way for established water parks is to keep improving and innovating.

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