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Splash Pad Water Park Planning Points

Precise positioning and reasonable layout

Water leisure activities have been loved by people since ancient times and laid the foundation for the development of splash pad water park.

Its rise has changed the form of water leisure and entertainment to a great extent, and has become a new form of leisure and entertainment with a rapidly expanding industry scale. At present, parks with a splash pad are generally considered to be a form of theme parks or parks, and are an important part of theme parks.

Splashpad park targeted market

The population base represents the target market and is also an important reference data for calculating the future income of the project. Generally speaking, the target population of the adventure playground and splash pad park should be the coverage population within a 1.5-hour driving radius.

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Commercial splash pad location

The location of the commercial splash pad park is closely related to traffic conditions and weather conditions. The accessibility of tourists to the water park – including self-driving routes, urban public transportation (buses, subways, etc.), and intercity transportation will affect the number of people in the water park. Meteorological conditions determine the operating time of the water park, whether it has the conditions to open night games, whether to build an outdoor or indoor splash pad park, or both.

Audience positioning

With the popularity of the parent-child amusement market, parks with family tourists as the main market have achieved good revenue in recent years. When planning and designing water parks for customers, they will avoid stacking too many thrilling equipment, and improve the theme style. More lively and cute styles are used to create a family splash pad with strong affinity and a warm feeling for tourists.

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Splash pad water park topic targeting

The elements that designers need to consider include theme positioning, theme division (story line), theme environment creation (architectural style, theme color, theme elements), theme of amusement projects, etc. Regardless of the story line or the themed design, the park needs to have precise positioning and reasonable layout at the beginning of the planning and design. Because of its unique amusement attributes, the water park cannot simply consider the basic planning such as the flow of tourists and the combination of equipment in the planning and design. It is necessary to start from the daily operation needs of the playground and splash pad, and integrate the characteristics of the water park, dining habits, rental needs, performance characteristics and tourist safety into the entire planning and design of the park. In the planning and design stage, we must pay attention to factors such as safety, area, and local conditions, and accurately locate them.

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