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Children Interactive Water Play

Children water play equipment, also known as Aquatic splash pad, are essential water play equipment in water parks.

Children Splash Pad Introduction

Children splash pad is not divided by the name of the amusement facilities. Children splash pad is mainly classified according to the structure and movement form, that is, the amusement facilities with similar structure and movement form are classified into one category. Children spray pad equipment is fun, scientific and thrilling, and is widely loved by young people and children. It has played an active role in enriching people’s entertainment life, exercising people’s physique, cultivating people’s sentiments, and beautifying the urban environment.

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Childrens spray playground equipment generally mainly includes flower bud water spray, mushroom splash, aquatic loop, activity tower slide, water cannon, spray gun, spray seesaw, apple tree berry tree splash, spray Frog, elephant water slide, water house, sprinkler column, turtle spray, water spray whale, water stone, spin fountain, water spray shell, family slide, fish Crab water spray combination, spray octopus, water spray dolphin, spray shower, water play duckweed and other water equipment. 

It is the best friend of the children and the playmate of the big friends. The collection of them will form a happy, cheerful, fun and romantic wet deck playground. It will make the young get carried away, and promote the childhood innocence of the elderly!

Spray Park Equipment

Children water slides are samll slides that are carefully designed according to children interests and hobbies. They are designed for children likes to drill, climb, and slide. The colors are bright, the entertainment is strong, the functions are complete, and the quality is reliable, bringing safety and joy to children. and lively feeling.

Water Play Equipment
  • Water Cannon, there is a mechanism on the water cannon, which will shoot a long line of water when pressed. A water play equipment that is popular with children and adults.
  • Mushroom spray, flower and grass-type water spray toy, vivid and cute, the fun of picking mushrooms as a child, the dream water home.
  • Water circle, Aquatic Loop. Let the tourists play in the colorful rainbow as if the rain has passed the sky.
  • Spraying plants, flower and grass-type water-spraying toys are vivid and cute, making visitors feel as if they are in a sea of flowers.
  • Activity tower, vivid and cute water house, a childhood dream water home, full of innocence.
  • Water seesaw, a water spray toy suitable for children, a childhood dream water home, full of innocence.
  • Flying fish: a water-spraying toy suitable for children to play, with vivid and cute shapes. Let the children play in the water with cute animals, as if they are in a fairy tale water world.
  • Sprinkler column, a water spray toy suitable for all ages, a childhood dream water home, full of innocence.
  • Water octopus, the water-spraying toy is vivid and cute, allowing tourists to play in the water with cute animals, as if they were in a fairy-tale water world.
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Wet Deck Playground Maintenance

1. Before opening every day, the slides and water treatment equipment of children’s play equipment should be checked to see if the water play equipment and slides have exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and water leakage. Whether the water treatment equipment is in normal operation to ensure the supply of lubricating water and slide pools.

2. Regularly check and tighten loose connectors.

3. For load-bearing components, the stress concentration should be checked regularly to check whether the structure has cracks and bending deformation, etc., so as to be replaced in time.

4. Regularly check the quality of the pool surface of the amusement pool, and find cracks, missing pieces, falling off, etc., which should be repaired in time.

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5. The pool equipped with underwater lights should regularly check whether the insulation degree of the underwater lights meets the requirements.

6. Children splash park equipment and slides should be covered with plastic cloth or coarse cloth during non-use period to prevent aging, fading, cracks, etc. from ultraviolet radiation; the slide grooves with cracks should be repaired and replaced if necessary, and the slide interface is not smooth , Inverted boss or water leakage should be dealt with in time.

7. The metal frame variable topcoat should be checked for fading during non-use period. If peeling or peeling, it should be repainted (or sprayed) to prevent the metal surface from corroding, affecting the appearance and strength.

8. Regularly organize the safety inspection and maintenance of the entire water park on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, holiday and peak season basis. Including water slides, swimming pools, lighting systems, and water treatment equipment, so that the entire amusement system meets the specified requirements.

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