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How To Lead The New Trend Of Water Play Splash Pads?

How To Lead The New Trend Of Water Play Splash Pads?

Splash Pads are an effective way to encourage families and children to get excited about water play. Splash Pads can also be a great addition to existing swimming pools, waterparks, and resorts. Let’s Cool off this summer!

1. Play Is Important

No matter when and where there are earthlings enjoying the fun of water and gravity at the water spray attraction. Teens and adults can slide down water slides and surf indoors at high speed. The interactive splash pad game, squirt toys, and play fountain will keep young children excited. Parents and grandparents enjoy together or watch excitedly from the sidelines. When the whole family is having fun, playing all day, and will definitely come back.

It’s important to emphasize that creating water rides has always been a big part of Cenchi’s business. As a child psychologist, Cen Chi uses scientific research to understand how people of different ages play and discover new ways to meet the needs of visitors. They identified four main player types: Challengers, Adventurers, Socializers, and Dreamers.

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Challengers love to compete, they want to win a race or master a sport, score points, and take risks to achieve victory. For adventurers who seek new and different experiences every time, the attraction during the game is as important as the destination. Socializers enjoy sharing experiences and demand quality time with friends and family. Dreamers pursue imaginative soaring, wanting to experience what it’s like to be in other places, times, and places.

“Play is important to the child, but it is also important to the whole family,” said Hamid Babaki, Senior Structural Designer for WhiteWater’s interactive water rides. Have more fun here, while also meeting the needs of operators.”

2. Born For Fun, Built For Safety

With a team of in-house design experts, Cenchi is a recognized leader in designing water play attractions based on elements such as client expectations, safety, attendance, and sustainability. Water ride attractions face stiff competition as visitor expectations rise every year. Success comes when an attraction keeps guests coming and coming back. Zlatko Muminovic, Director of Interactive Rides and Themed Packaging at Cenchi, said, “We start with what the client wants and what the client wants to offer their visitors. We then design and build to maximize engagement opportunities for the 4 types of visitors, and Add to the client’s brand or storytelling. It’s all about making sure every child and every family has fun. Attracting visitors of all ages and abilities is key to success.”

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For first-time water amusement operators, Cenchi’s affordable selection of themed water houses offers plenty of fun and play opportunities to keep the whole family entertained throughout the day. Selected Themes There are 3 different themes to choose from for the water village: beach, pirate, and tropical theme; there are 5 models and sizes in total. This standardized product has the shortest lead time, and fastest commissioning and features highly interactive water villages in representative-themed packaging.

More demanding brands may require a whole new approach to customization. “Some client needs are more specific. They’re trying to immerse guests in the IP. One of the most challenging requests was at Aqua Nick,” said Kelly Williams, product systems manager at WhiteWater. “To create brand immersion At this time, the client wanted the geyser and other facilities to be sprayed with Nick’s signature green slime. This one-of-a-kind collaboration was very successful. Just like on the TV show, when the green “slime” was sprinkled on the faces of tourists, they laughed. A smiling face is priceless.”

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It is well known that the more you innovate from known and tested solutions, the greater the risks and associated costs. And Cenchi’s solid track record helps build customer trust. Cenchi adheres to the philosophy of safety first, durability, and verification, and has decades of successful experience in designing and testing new products and methods. Applying experience and science, Cenchi uses motion simulation software to understand the path of a vehicle’s movement before the product is built. After the completion, the on-site engineer will bind the measurement tool to test the slide repeatedly. Years of real-world data refine the system, increasing the accuracy of forecasts and ultimately improving the design and engineering of each product.

3. In The Future, The Rainforest Water Village Will Line Up With Rich Products

The Future Rainforest Water Village launched at the 2022 IAAPA Expo is a multi-layer play structure system that provides four game types including adventure, shared experience, exploration, and competition opportunities. It features plated carbon steel construction for durability and easy retrofitting, upgrading and re-theming. The design of the single support column of the future rainforest water village ensures sufficient open space to maximize passenger flow and lay out interactive elements on the ground.

The future rainforest water village has enriched Cenchi’s already excellent product lineup. Cenchi’s interactive water play structures can adapt to any venue size, budget and capacity requirements, delivering great play value through a range of interactive play elements, water toys and water slides. Customers can customize the theme package, or choose directly from the standard immersive theme library.

The Rainforest Water Village series has 3 gradually increasing models. It is designed to be scalable, allowing operators to start small and scale up to larger models. The rainforest water village includes children’s slides and more exciting slides, as well as more than 100 play elements.

Going up one level further, the giant water village provides more award-winning splashes for all types of tourists. The giant water village is like a single water play splash pads with a compact footprint and a tight layout. The multi-level fun can immerse the whole family in it for hours.

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Playing with water has probably never been so much fun. Visitors explore, slide, splash and go on imaginative journeys and make new friends. Skip the lines, these multi-level water rides and water toys offer interactive fun and relaxing adventures for visitors of all ages. Each interactive water ride offers a different combination of ways to play.

5. Cast Your Future Water Park

As venue operators realize the importance of play behavior to the water park experience, more and more projects around the world adopt Cenchi interactive water play splash pads. Water rides are places to come together, bringing the whole family together through play, increasing their fun and extending their stay at the water play splash pads. Today’s products are built on experience, creativity, customer service and a love of play.

Cenchi has installed over 80 innovative and highly entertaining splash parks for partners around the world. With an “attitude is everything” approach to hiring, Cenchi has assembled a motivated team focused on delivering exceptional design and service to their clients, as well as exceptional customer support. The WhiteWater team remains committed to the fundamentals of product safety, durability, adaptability, creativity and future-proofing. From experienced experts in the industry to enthusiastic newcomers, the dedicated WhiteWater team makes WhiteWater outstanding in the industry.

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Jolin says: “We are like a big family. Not only because Cenchi is a business, but because many people have been in the company for a long time, some even decades. It is an amazing team of creators, engineers and makers. team. While we all have different reasons for joining, we all share one goal: to take play seriously.”

From park planning and design to manufacturing, installation and maintenance, Cenchi provides a comprehensive service program that turns park vision into a vibrant reality. Whether designing and developing a new spray park, or maintaining or upgrading an existing one, Cenchi is dedicated to creating world-class rides, themes and water park attractions.

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