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Further Sales Analysis Of The Water Playground

Further Sales Analysis Of The Water Playground

Summer has come as scheduled, and water park managers are very hopeful that the opening of the outdoor water splash pad will stimulate the current sluggish market demand. Stimulating consumer demand and driving revenue growth are issues worth thinking about by every water playground manager in the new environment.

As we all know, tickets are the main source of income for water playground parks. Today, Cenchi will discuss how to set up some new consumption points to create new demand (in addition to tickets), so as to expand the further sales revenue of water parks. The main income of many scenic spots is composed of secondary consumption. The huge difference shows the huge potential of scenic spots to tap secondary consumption.

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1. Product Category Settings

Different product category settings cause consumers to have very different consumption behaviors when purchasing products. Considering the rigid demand for play, this is one of the important profit points for the setting of the second pin on the water.

a. Storage area: Tourists want to go into the water to play, and their belongings need to be properly kept. Set up a dressing and shower center, and set the number of lockers according to the maximum daily passenger flow. The number of lockers configured = the maximum passenger flow per day / the maximum capacity of a single cabinet (number of items) / turnover ratio. The location of the locker should be set at the front end of the splash pad park. The usage modes can be divided into two categories: bracelet rental and pay rental. The locker can be appropriately set with some large cabinet ratios, such as VIP cabinets, which can effectively increase the unit price of customers and increase Second sales revenue, lockers accounted for about 26% of the second sales revenue.

b. Leather raft rental area: Many park rafting river rafts are not included in the package, which is also a rigid requirement for play. Two special rental points can be set up in the rafting area and 1 special rental point in the wave pool surfing area. Satisfy the rafting and surfing customer group. The raft rental is set near the entrance of the lazy river or surf pool, and it should not be too far. The configuration of the number of points can be set according to the daily reception volume, and it should not be too much. The raft should choose a variety of shapes, and the number is calculated according to the maximum capacity of the lazy river. The optimal number of rafts configured = water area/per capita water area x turnover ratio (the turnover ratio is about 62% based on the actual operating time). The rental income of rafts accounts for about 12% of the second sales income of playground with wet water park.

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2. Consider The Physiological Needs Of Play - Catering Services

Splash pad water playground generally consider environmental sanitation factors and limit tourists to bring their own food and beverages, and playing water sports is quite physical, and energy supplementation is the physiological needs of tourists, and this proportion is also very high. There are three main categories of catering services: large-scale main restaurants, specialty snack bars, and iced drinks and ice shops. Catering accounts for about 42% of our overall second sales.

a. Set up two large main restaurants. Generally, the splash park is in the range of 100 mu to 200 mu. You can consider setting up two to three large main restaurants to ensure that hundreds of people can eat at the same time.

The restaurant should be set up in an area with a high concentration of people, on the main road or at the intersection. The area of the restaurant should be calculated according to the maximum capacity of the park, and it should not be too large. Multiple restaurants with differentiated products can be set up.

The main products of the restaurant are, Chinese/Western fast food, special Chinese food. In terms of selection, try to provide some fool-style set menu options. It should not be too many, because too many patterns will take up a lot of tourists’ time. Choice Syndrome, to shorten the choice time for tourists as much as possible.

The indoor restaurant should also take into account its comfort, as well as the entire brilliance and color matching, as well as the arrangement of the atmosphere, which can add some cooling measures, as well as green plants, so that visitors have a cool and comfortable experience.

The cooperation model can adopt the cooperation model of self-operation, joint operation + fixed rent according to its own conditions.

b. Special snack bar: It can be supplemented appropriately. For example, the splash pad park has two large main restaurants, and more than ten featured snack bars, which can be configured at the entrances and exits of equipment with relatively large traffic and reception.
The number of snack bars is set according to the area of the park and the reception volume. The main function is to assist the restaurant to meet the dining needs of tourists. Main products: mainly local specialty snacks, try to consider the preferences of source customers.

c. Cold drink shop: This is also a rigid demand for splash pad water playground. It is hot in summer and tourists need to add a lot of water; The location should be set near the entrance and exit of the equipment with a large reception volume; The number is set according to the area of the park and the moving line. Main products: ice cream, desserts, freshly prepared drinks, bottled drinks, etc.

3. Commodity Shopping Area

Analysis the water splash park data, the product of swimwear is a process of decreasing It is usually brought with you, so it will gradually decrease. The whole commodity shopping will probably account for about 12% of the second sales of the wet deck park. As far as wet playgrounds are concerned, it is generally impossible to stimulate a large number of commercial shopping needs, so some water accessories are generally sold, such as swimsuits, swimming trunks, slippers, bath towels, and children’s water play toys.

The setting of the shopping area can be set at the entrance of the aqua playground or near the dressing shower. The area of the main store can be set according to your passenger flow. In terms of model, it is recommended to operate by yourself, because the profit of self-operation will be higher, and the supply and sales model is adopted. When the sprinkler park is closed, all the goods will be cleared, so that there will be no backlog of inventory. Therefore, this is also a relatively large commodity income. There are also some children’s equipment and water gun toys and other supporting sales, which can be used in this cooperation model of self-operated and joint ventures.

4. Internet Celebrity Products: The proportion of Internet celebrity products will probably range from 3% to 5% of the sales.

a. Mobile phone waterproof bag: The mobile phone waterproof bag is also a very big need in recent years. Young people will have the need to take pictures when playing in the aquatic playground park. Therefore, we generally do not want to store this mobile phone in this locker, and prefer to carry it with you, so there will be a need for waterproof bags. Then we usually set it at the entrance of the park, near the locker room, and wave making. near the pool.

Remind that the quality of waterproof bag products must pass the test. It is best to test the waterproof of the product before the sale. In order to avoid complaints due to quality problems, is it your use that caused the mobile phone to enter the water, or is it because of my product? The quality causes the phone to get into the water. This type of product generally adopts the mode of joint venture sharing, and finds a supplier for joint venture sharing cooperation.

b. Underwater vehicle: It is a popular Internet celebrity device in recent years. It can navigate freely in swimming pools, wave pools, and lazy rivers. It has high flexibility and simple operation, and is very popular among tourists. It can be set up in swimming pools, wave pools, lazy rivers and other water areas. The water depth can reach 1.4 meters and you can play. The products are safe and reliable. There are two modes of self-service leasing and manual leasing.

5. Value-added Products

a. Mobile phone first aid station: After tourists play in the surf pool, it is easy for the mobile phone to enter the water and cannot be used normally. The water playground splash pad has set up a mobile phone repair station business, which can effectively solve the mobile phone problems of tourists in the first time.

b. Shared power bank: The usage of mobile phones is large and the demand for charging is large. The aqua park can be equipped with a large number of charging equipment to meet the charging needs of tourists. It is set up in areas with high passenger flow in the water playground, and a fixed rental model is adopted.

c. Bathing suits, tourists in the shower center have a high frequency of bathing, and most of the visitors to the spray park do not bring corresponding toiletries, so the demand is large. If the park provides free of charge, the operating cost is high, and the sales model can be adopted, which not only reduces the operation The cost is also a new profit point of the second sales, which can be set at the entrance or service desk of the dressing shower center, and adopts the self-operated model.

d. Anti-mosquito suits: There are many mosquitoes in water splash pad in summer, and anti-mosquito is particularly important. Family-type customers have a large demand for anti-mosquito products such as anti-mosquito bracelets, anti-mosquito wet wipes, mosquito repellent water, and wind oil. It can be set up in areas with high traffic flow in the park, as a support for commodity sales, and adopts a self-operated model.

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