Dog Arch Splash

The arch splash pad is a specially designed water play device for dogs that consists of an arched metal frame that provides a place for dogs to play water. The unit can be installed outdoors in a park or yard to provide a cool space for dogs while also exercising their body and coordination skills.

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Arch Splash Curtain

The design features a pair of cute ears adorning the arch which attract the dog’s attention and make them more willing to approach and use the unit. The shape and size of the arch can be adjusted to suit the height and size of the dog to ensure that the dog can enter and exit freely without restriction or injury.

Not only does the water play provide great fun for dogs, it also gives them a cool break from the hot summer days. Most notably, it also serves as a daily cleaning for your dog.

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In conclusion, the water play arch for dogs is a fun and healthy piece of dog activity equipment that allows dogs to exercise, relieve stress and anxiety, and enhance interaction and bonding with their owners while playing and playing in the water. The ear decoration on the arch attracts the dog’s attention and increases the dog’s interest and motivation to use the device.

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