Dog Bite Splash

Dog bite training, also known as bite inhibition training, teaches dogs to control the force of their bites. It is important training for all dogs, especially those in protection roles. With consistent training started early, many dogs can master controlling their jaws and becoming a well-adjusted family and working dogs.

dog bite training

Dog Bite Training

A “bite rope with water” can be a fun toy for many dogs. For safety, always supervise your dog with any rope toy, especially in water. Make sure the rope is properly sized for your dog and that there are no loose threads or pieces they could choke on. An ideal location for water play with rope toys is in a shallow splash pad or enclosed body of water with no currents. Have fun and enjoy the splashing!

It is easiest to teach bite inhibition to puppies. Their bites do not yet have full force, so they can learn quickly. Starting between 4 to 6 months of age is good. For older dogs, more time and patience will be required.

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