Dog Hurdle Splash Pad

The dog hurdle splash is an indoor & outdoor agility equipment for doggies, which consists of a water pipe and two brackets. The water pipe is fixed on the ground through the bracket and connected to the water source. The water will flow out from the water pipe to form a stream of water. The ears of the hurdle are made of dog bone elements above the hurdle, and water is sprayed on the ear to form a spray. Dogs can experience the fun of playing and paddling by crossing the hurdles.

The equipment is designed to allow dogs to exercise while playing, improve physical coordination and flexibility, and also help dogs consume excess energy and relieve stress and anxiety. The water hurdles for dogs can be applied to dogs of all sizes, and the height of the hurdles and the intensity of the water flow can be adjusted according to the height and shape of the dogs.

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When using a water hurdle specially designed for dogs, there are some details that need to be paid attention to. First of all, to ensure the safety of the dog, do not let the dog use the hurdle without supervision. Secondly, the equipment should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and dirt, which will affect the health of dogs. Finally, the time and frequency of dog use should be controlled to avoid fatigue and injury caused by overuse.

In short, the dog-specific water hurdle is an interesting and healthy dog activity equipment, which can allow dogs to exercise while playing and playing in the water, relieve stress and anxiety, and enhance interaction and emotion with the owner.

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