Dog Stepping Paws

Stepping Paws is a device specially designed for dogs to provide a clean and hygienic vironment for dogs, which can spray water on the ground when dogs pass by, washing the dog’s paws and body.

dog stepping

Dog Park Stepping Paws

Sprinklers for tread water equipment are usually made of durable materials to ensure that the equipment can withstand heavy use and environmental conditions. The sprinkler is usually installed on the ground to form a certain spray range, which can cover the area where the dog often walks, so that the dog can naturally step on the water when walking, and can also quickly clean the doggies’ paws.

Stepping Paws is a very convenient and interesting play equipment, which can provide a clean and comfortable environment for dogs, and also provides a convenient and safe way for dog owners to wash, so that dogs can fully experience Play with water for fun.

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