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Why So Much Water Parks Use Fiberglass Water Slides?

Why So Much Water Parks Use Fiberglass Water Slides?

Cenchi is the top fiberglass water slide supplier. We will have many amusement park customers asking about water slides. Cenchi will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass water slides in depth, and answer the questions of customers who want to invest in water park equipment. Help you choose the right water park equipment.

With the development of water entertainment projects, water parks are more and more popular with investors and tourists. Not only big cities, but also suburbs and towns can often see spray playgrounds. The reason why the water park is so hot is because the entertainment and stimulation of the water park equipment attract a large number of tourists to play, and it is also favored by many investors. Water park fiberglass water slides are one of the most popular water park playground equipment.

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How Are Waterpark Slides Made?

Water park slides are formed from dozens of fiberglass segments fastened together with heavy-duty bolts. Typically, the individual segments fit together like sections of a toy race track. Each segment has one end with a raised lip and one end with a sunken step.

7 Tips To Understand Fiberglass Pool Slide

a. Material, FRP(Fiberglass) slides are mainly made of resin, gel coat and other chemical materials, which are more expensive, but more durable.

b. Appearance, From the appearance point of view, the grade of glass fiber reinforced plastic slides is obviously higher than other slides (plastic inflatable and inflatable slides), while stainless steel slides do not need to be repaired frequently after using for a period of time, and the appearance will not be affected after repairing, which is good for operators. Save maintenance effort and cost.

c. Hand feeling experience, Relatively speaking, the glass fiber reinforced plastic slide is bright in color and smooth and flat. After being wetted with water, the resistance between the meat and the slide is extremely small, and the sliding speed is also unimpeded.

d. Sliding track, (FRP) Fiberglass pool slides can be freely adjusted in height according to the site and the preferences of investors, with left and right curves, spirals, and interspersed with free sliding tracks.

e. Service life, FRP water slides are generally used for about 10 years. If they are properly maintained, they can be used for a longer time and have a longer service life.

f. Installation, Due to the heavy weight of the glass fiber reinforced plastic slide itself, the reinforced concrete foundation needs to be supported and installed by steel columns, so the installation requirements are relatively high, but it is relatively stable and can withstand wind and rain.

g. Venues, (FRP) fiberglass slides are generally suitable for large-scale water park casinos or various water parks with relatively fixed locations, and have relatively high requirements for the venue, but the use time is long and the benefit period is long.

The above seven points analyze the fiberglass water slide. From a long-term investment perspective, has its own advantages. Investors can choose FRP water slides according to their own advantages. Cenchi glass fiber reinforced plastic slides will return to the factory to design, produce and provide guidance for installation according to the customer’s site area and specific dimensions. Welcome to choose to cooperate with Cenchi Email:[email protected]

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