Fire Hydrant Sprinkler for Dogs

P.E.T. Go brought a dog’s dream to life through Fire Hydrant Sprinkler feature! There is plenty of water and splash for many dogs to be able to lap up and enjoy at once! Plenty of fresh, clear water for the pups to play in!

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Fire Hydrant Sprinkler

  • Material high wall thicknesses fiberglass
  • Dimensions diameter φ24 height 60cm
  • Splash zone 3m * 2m
  • Standard flow rate 2m³/h GPM
  • Pressure 0.3-0.7 Bar

This feature pairs well with our Doggy Wash, Dog Bone, and Pet Bowl water play toys! Custom painted to the color of your choice. Looking for something different for your splashpad project? View the rest of P.E.T. Go toy line here!

Splash Zone Fire Hydrant

A waterpark created especially for dogs would provide opportunities for dogs to enjoy aquatic play and recreation in a controlled environment suited to their needs. Some features could include. Doggie fire hydrant sprinkler are the perfect way to keep your furry friend cool and entertained during hot summer days. These fun and interactive toys feature a fire hydrant sprinkler that sprays water in different directions, creating a refreshing and playful atmosphere for your dog to enjoy.

Design Points of Dog Water Park

The dog fire hydrant splash pad brings visually shocking experience and fun to dogs and dog owners through the fire hydrant theme design, and also provides a wealth of water interactive projects, realizing the concept of a theme park. Dog-friendly agility training and play is the cornerstone of this concept. They are typically made of durable materials that are safe for your pet and easy to clean. These toys are a great way to encourage your dog to exercise and play, while also providing a much-needed break from the heat. So if you’re looking for a fun and safe way to keep your dog cool this summer, a doggie fire hydrant splash pad sprinkler toy might just be the perfect solution!

  • Uses bright red as the main color, echoing the dog park. The hydrant can be either a static sculpture or an active splash pad.
  • Lay a water path with the theme of fire hydrants in the dog park, and set up water devices such as fountains on both sides of the path, so that dogs can play along the path. The paths are designed with non-slip surfaces.
  • Water cannon: designed to simulate the water cannon of a fire hydrant, by pressing the switch, water can be sprayed to pathways, training the flexibility and speed of dogs. The water pressure should be moderate and will not irritate the dog.
  • Avoid obstacles: Set up fire hydrant-shaped obstacles in the water park, such as fences, tunnels, etc., so that dogs can play, jump and climb. Add fun to your device.
  • Rest platform: Provide a rest platform with the shape of a fire hydrant, so that dogs can rest on it after playing in the water. The platform should be designed so that dogs can go up and down freely, the material is non-slip, and a dog basin should be placed next to it.
  • Auxiliary equipment: In addition to water facilities, tables and chairs in the shape of fire hydrants, parasols and other furniture are also used in the parents’ rest area to integrate into the theme.
  • Others: Add lighting, trash cans and other facilities to fill the entire water park with fire hydrant elements and create a theme park atmosphere.
  • Safety management: Same as conventional water parks, measures such as space closed-circuit monitoring, guardrail setting, and staff management must be ensured to ensure the safety of dogs.

With the proper facilities and rules enforcement, a doggy splash park would give dogs the opportunity for aquatic exercise, play, and social development in a setting tailored just for them. The variety of interactive features will keep dogs engaged and entertained. If you’re running a dog training facility, pet grooming salon, or pet day care, Cenchi’s dog play equipment is a great addition to your dog’s cooling and socialization.

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