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The Largest Water Park On The Sea

Royal Caribbean International Cruise, a luxury cruise resort brand, officially unveiled the true face of “Icon of the Seas”. royal caribbean ships with splash pads.

It is reported that “Icon of the Seas” is the first time to integrate three essential elements of family vacation – beach leisure, resort, and theme park on the cruise ship, including the largest water park on the sea, as well as unparalleled leisure and entertainment, more seascapes and swimming pools than ever before, and more than 40 kinds of restaurants, immersive and relaxing bars, and cutting-edge entertainment experience.

”Icon of the Seas “Basic information

  • Company: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
  • Chinese name: 海洋标志号
  • English name: Icon of the Sea
  • Total weight of cruise: 250800 tons (the largest in the world)
  • Cruise size: 365m long
  • Total passenger capacity: 7600 persons ±
  • Number of employees: 2350 ±
  • Year of construction: 2023
  • Construction cost: 1.3 billion USD ±
largest water park on the sea

If you’re planning a family cruise with Royal Caribbean, you’ll want to check out their ships with splash pads. These fun-filled water play areas offer a variety of features, from water slides and fountains to interactive games and more. Get ready to make a splash and create unforgettable memories on your next vacation.

The splash pads on Royal Caribbean ships offer a variety of water features for guests to enjoy. Some may include water slides, fountains, sprayers, and other interactive elements. The size and design of the splash pad may vary depending on the ship, but all are designed to provide a fun and refreshing way to cool off while on board. Be sure to check with the cruise line for specific details on the water features included on each ship.

Adventure upgrade, a new theme world highlight

1. The largest water park on the sea with 6 record breaking water slides. Storm shuttles. This will be the location of the marine water parks adventure, where many thrilling experiences will gather, including Category 6, the largest marine water park with six record breaking outdoor water slide – the pressure drop and 66 degree slope make it the first open free fall slide in the industry; The 14 meter high Frightening Bolt will be the slide with the highest drop at sea; The first offshore family water slide Storm Surge and Hurricane Hunter, each raft can carry 4 people to play with; The first cruise line competes in Storm Chasers, where two people form a team to enjoy the fun of the game. The water park has 13 water slides to choose from.

largest water park on the sea

2. New adventure water play equipment of aerial footpath+rope+riding. Crown’s Edge, a brand-new facility, combines aerial trails, aerial ropes, and aerial riding. Adventure of the seas splash pad can experience the pleasure of swinging 47 meters above the sea.

largest water park on the sea

3. Royal Bay Pool. The Eye of the Sky. The Sea of Clouds has 4/7 swimming pool areas for the whole ship. Each swimming pool is a good place to relax and enjoy the first-class seascape.

largest water park on the sea

4. Swim&Tonic, the first swimming pool suspension bar in Royal Caribbean

5. One stop family fun in Surfside. This is a one-stop fun community for young families. Adults can enjoy the boundless scenery in the Water’s Edge swimming pool, and can also take photos of children playing in the nearby water beach. Restaurants, leisure places, bars, the iconic merry go round, recreation halls, marine adventure of the seas splash pad and Social020 for young people are nearby, which is very convenient.

largest water park on the sea

6. Enjoy the theme world The Hideaway with excellent seascape. This block, 41 meters above sea level, secretly combines the best atmosphere of beach clubs around the world and the seascape that only cruise ships can provide. The first suspended infinity swimming pool on the sea is located in the center of the block, surrounded by a multi-storey sun terrace with a whirlpool massage pool, and various seats and private bars for rest nearby.

largest water park on the sea

7. New AquaTheater. This is a magical place located on the top of the cruise ship. In the quiet oasis during the day, people can enjoy food or drink while enjoying the surrounding seascape and amazing waterfalls. In the evening, it has become a vibrant place where people can go to restaurants and bars to enjoy food, or watch the original large-scale water show in the new space-time waterfall.

largest water park on the sea

Upgrading ingenuity, reappearing the three classic worlds

Royal Caribbean also brought the most popular classical theme world to the “Icon of the Seas” and further upgraded it. The magnificent Royal Promenade is fully opened, with a stunning sea view from the first floor to the top floor, as well as more than 15 restaurants, cafes, bars and lounges; In addition to adding more green vegetation, Central Park will also have more dining and entertainment methods; The largest Suite Neighborhood runs through three decks.

largest water park on the sea
  1. Central Park surrounded by green trees
  2. The largest ice arena – Absolute Zero
  3. Ultimate Family Townhouse across three floors
largest water park on the sea
largest water park on the sea
largest water park on the sea

The planning and construction of the water park and the purchase of water playing equipment for Cenchi will help you create a one-stop experience for water amusement projects.

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