Pet Water Powl

An essential item for any dog parks, a pet fountain keeps your faithful friend hydrated and brings them the joy of flowing water right at park. Your dog provides you with unconditional love, so give them only the best – keep their water play and clean with Cenchi dog water bowl fountain made just for them.

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Pet Bowl Fountain

Dog Water Bowl constructed from FPR materials with the highest wall thicknesses in the industry. Dimensions φ 60cm * H 15cm, splash zone 1m * 1m, standard flow rate 1m³/h GPM, pressure 0.3-0.7 Bar.

For some puppies, drinking from a constantly refilling water bowl or pet fountain can provide mental stimulation to keep them occupied for short periods. This is especially true for young puppies during their prime socialization period.

Dog Water Bowl

A pet water bowl is the perfect way to keep your dog hydrated and healthy. Unlike regular water bowls, Cenchi dog bowl fountain provides a constantly circulating flow of fresh, filtered water for your dog. Dogs naturally prefer running water over still water, so a fountain will make drinking more appealing and fun for your pet. The dog bowl splash pad is a must-have for dog parks, and it can also compact with fire hydrants sprinkler and doggie washing.

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