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Tropikana Indoor Waterpark in Indonesia
Waterpark in Indonesia

Tropikana Indoor Waterpark Cibinong Bogor

Visit Indonesia’s No. 1 shopping mall. Hello everyone, it’s finally the year-end holiday. Have you planned where to go on holiday? Cenchi recommends the latest splash pad waterpark project in Bogor that we just completed. The location is located inside Robinson Cibinong Shopping Center, Bogor, West Java.

The first indoor swimming pool tour in Indonesia is Tropicana Waterpark, a swimming pool specially designed for children. There are various types of swimming pools, which are very suitable for children who want to go on vacation. Of course, there are also very interesting and beautiful photo spots in Trokana, so it is not only Suitable for kids, teenagers and parents, we can take selfies and enjoy the tropical scenery while waiting for the kids to swim.






Shopping mall


Water playground, Aqua cannon, Rotating waterfall, Whale splash, Tipping bucket




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