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Splash Pad Park Water Park Design Elements

Splash Pad Park Water Park Design Elements

The design of Splash Pad Park Water parks is the first stage to create a successful product, and also the key stage to determine the direction of the project. International leisure industry magazine recreation management interviewed professionals related to water play to hear about the key issues that Aqua Park and indoor water play ground need to pay attention to at the initial stage of design.

In order to make the water park splash splash or water venue successful, we need to pay high attention to the overall situation from the beginning of the design stage. That is to say, in order to achieve a successful operation effect of the final product, a qualified designer needs to start from the design of splash pad park water park or indoor splash park, and comprehensively consider all aspects such as understanding the customer group, analyzing the market, and creating special attractions.

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Ensure Splash Water Park Successful Operation

Jen Gerber, head of business development of Water Technology Inc. (WTI), a Wisconsin-based planning, design, and engineering company, said that one of the largest operating expenses of water park was operators and lifeguards.

Gerber said: “We often hear from operators that they face great challenges in personnel recruitment. Therefore, as designers, we can strive to achieve a layout that requires fewer workers to operate safely, thus reducing the total operating costs and personnel burden of the venue.”

As a case that has worked before, Cherry Water Park in Texas is such an attempt. The renovated swimming pool has been improved by the designer. It used to be equipped with eight lifeguards, but now only four lifeguards are needed, which makes it easy for the operation team to operate.

The modern swimming pool water park has six swimming lanes, a zero depth entrance area and a splash pad water park equipment. The multi-functional kids water park outdoor playground provides young users with a swimming space for family leisure and swimming at the same time. In addition, a mini splash forest was added on site to provide additional entertainment opportunities for families visiting Cherry Paradise. Water Playground.

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The renovated Cherry Water Park reopened in 2019, with revenue increasing by 30% compared with 2018 and passenger flow increasing by 33%; 827 children participated in swimming training courses; On average, 47 adults participate in water aerobics every day.

In the process of determining the success of the operation, Gerber also talked about “transparent design”, which is one of the basic methods for splash pad park water park design when working with communities and owners. “Transparent design” provides a flexible design, which can play a role in various passenger flow levels, has the least staffing, and will not affect user safety or employee risk.

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She added: “Indoor&exterior water parks have some design decisions that will significantly affect the staff burden of managers. Interactive water park equipment is usually a fairly large component that can easily block the vision of security personnel, which will increase the demand for regional lifeguards. By arranging a large number of single components that do not block the vision, you can reduce staffing without sacrificing user experience.”

For example, one of the most popular areas in leisure venues is the Drifting River or the Lazy Man River. Gerber said: “The layout and direction of the river can significantly change the number of lifeguards to ensure the safety of tourists.” She said: “By keeping these water channels as linear as possible, and reducing the curve of turning and winding, the staff can be placed at both ends of the site surface, with clear vision on both sides,” she added, “the height of the island wall can be set as low as possible, and the lifeguards can see the tourists on both sides of the wall.”

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Another device that may affect the line of sight is the water slide tower. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to how tourists using the slide leave the sink. When designing, it is usually necessary to place the slide tower outside the natatorium or outside the water park, which will not block the line of sight, and usually the tall tower can be used as a landmark landscape to show the image “

“At the swimming pool,” she added, “The slide tower is usually placed in an area that will not interfere with any landscape, and the slide trough can continue to be arranged along the higher elevation of the building, and then leave the building when the transition to the lower elevation, and tourists enter the falling pool or deceleration pool at the lower elevation. An important consideration is the use of overflow flumes In this way, only one lifeguard is needed, while many falling pools need two lifeguards. It is a great benefit for operators to reduce the number of remaining personnel by 50%. “

Michelle Gable, a partner of Aquatic Design Group (ADG), a water design company in California, provides architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical design services for pool water parks.

The space of water venues can not fully meet the needs of people, which not only limits the income potential but also leads tourists to other competitors’ parks. She said: “The experience of tourists in the splash pad park water park is the whole experience from the entrance to the exit, not just a few minutes of playing on the equipment.”

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In addition to designing the space required for customers, employees should also be considered in the design process.
Gable said: “The staff hopes that the water splash park can provide space for them outside the water recreation area. Otherwise, they may also look for other places to work. Happy employees who feel valued and comfortable are more likely to make extra efforts for your customers. Customers who feel good service will be more loyal, have more opportunities and spread information to friends. All these factors directly ensure the success of the park’s operation and finance Stable. “

There are many kinds of splash pad water effect water venues that have become popular designs, because they maximize the richness of activities, attract more interest, and increase the number of participants.

Gabor added: “Finally, creating a splash pad park water park center to provide convenience and projects for people of all ages and abilities will help to create sustained interest and successful operation. Just like a diversified financial investment portfolio, diversified user experience across ages and abilities will help venues adapt and develop, no matter how the demographic structure or fitness and entertainment trends change.”

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