Dog Splash Pet House

An ideal set-up would be a well-ventilated and shaded dog house, next to a small splash pool and sprinkler area. Be sure to always provide plenty of fresh drinking water as well for your dog when playing in these water areas. With the right elements, a dog water park in your own yard can provide hours of fun for water-loving dogs.

pet house

Splash Puppy House

A dog house that incorporates water play elements and a splash pool can be a great option for fun and cooling off on hot days. Cenchi splash dog house with misting nozzle – For a unique option, install misters around the dog house that spray a cool mist.

The splash pet house can be freely matched with fire hydrants, dog bones, and other toys that dogs like, The total budget for an elaborate water play dog area compound could be $500-$5,000 or more, depending on options.

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