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Splash Park Prospects & Tutorial

What is Splash Pad Park

Splash park refers to a playground with water as the main feature with spray attractions, water slides, water tower, lazy rivers and other water leisure facilities. Its rise has changed the form of water leisure and entertainment to a great extent, and has become a new form of leisure and entertainment with a rapidly expanding industry scale. At present, irrigation parks are generally regarded as a form of theme parks or amusement parks, and are an important part of public parks.

Splash Pad Park Development Prospects

The rapid development of water splash park has quickly become one of the most popular supporting facilities for communities, shopping malls, schools, resorts, and hotels. It provides a fun, safe and fascinating playing group in the water, which is the fastest way to cool down! If you want to bring your kids to play in the water, then of course the water splash park is your first choice.

Water splash park is a children’s amusement park, with interactive sprinklers and fountains, where children can freely embrace their beautiful children This is the best parent-child experience for you and your children’s end, you will also allow your children. release, have fun and enjoy freedom.

Cenchi splash park will have water playground, water attractions and features etc. Our designer team will make full use of the space and environment to create an exciting splash park for family. As long as you have one space, Cenchi will provide you a best design.

The Main Point of Splash Pad Park Tutorial

1. Clearing and Leveling Area

2. Digging for Water Vault Placement

3. Water Vault Deliver, Install, and backfill

4. Determine Elevations of pad

5. Form Splash Pad Perimeter6. Dig Plumbing Trenches and Set Drain Boxes

splash pad installation

6. Dig Plumbing Trenches and Set Drain Boxes

7. Setting & Plumbing Collector Boxes

8. Plumb Collector Boxes to Tank

9. Back Fill Pipe Trenches10. Setting & Plumbing Embeds

10. Plumb to Embeds & Verify Elevation & Levels

11. Plumb to Structure Feed Locations & Extend of Piping to Above Pad Surface

12. Plumb to Equipment System Locations

13. Back Fill & Level Area, Allow for Thickened Slab Where Structures are Mounted & Embeds to be Encapsulated in Concrete

14. Section Concrete Pad Area for Multiple Pours as Needed

15. Install Rebar

splash pad installation

16. Pour Concrete

splash pad installation

17. Slope to Collector Boxes

18. Medium Broom Finish

19. Allow Concrete to Cure

20. Install Mechanical System

splash pad installation

21. Outfit Water Vault with Inlet Loop, Sump Pump & Associated Plumbing

22. Drill in for Stud Locators

23. Install Studs & Anchors

splash pad installation

24. Mount Structures

splash pad installation

25. Final Splash Pad Park

splash pad installation

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