Tennis Ball Splash Pad

Tennis ball splash pad adopts bright colors, which can attract the dog’s attention and interest, and increase the fun of playing. Orange, green and red are common colors. It adopts no chemical irritating smell, guarantees safety and non-toxicity, and is not easy to chew. The surface of the tennis ball is smooth with no exposed edges.

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Tennis Ball Splash Pad

Tennis ball splash pad constructed from FPR materials with the highest wall thicknesses in the industry. Dimensions φ35cm * H45cm, splash zone 2m * 2m, standard flow rate 3m³/h GPM, pressure 0.3-0.7 Bar.

The tennis ball is a great catch for any dog water park! It provides lots of upward spray and plenty of fun for any pup! Looking for something different for your dog park? View the rest of P.E.T. Go toy line here!

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The surface of the tennis ball has a certain degree of smoothness, so that when the dog pushes or shakes, it can produce a sliding effect, just like playing tennis, which also increases the composition of physical exercise.

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