Mini Aqua Park

Mini Splash Pad Features

Flexible setup for any available space and a content library of infinite possibilities.

  • These thrilling ready-to-install small splash pad packages by Cenchi, without electrical installation and operates with just a push of the splash pad activity button. No power bills, no potential power failures.
  • The mini aqua park package low water flow option greatly reduces water consumption while still providing plenty of fun for splashtastic play. Also can choosing single splashpad unit customized your diy mini water park.
  • Cenchi mini aqua park suite for space such as 20qm to 200sqm, wide installation in small park, community, backyard, daycare facilities and compact urban areas.
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Charming Mini Splash Park Packages

Choose from a variety sizes of packages to find one that meets your community’s budget and project needs.

The mini splash pad offers a variety of features that provide endless fun and excitement for everyone. Cenchi compact mini splash pad includes interactive elements such as ground spray group, spinning U.S.O, and aqua shooter. It is designed to keep children entertained and engaged while keeping them cool on hot summer days. With its vibrant colors and whimsical designs, the mini splash pad creates a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere. Kids can explore different water game elements, each offering a unique sensory experience.

20 Sqm

50 Sqm

80 Sqm

100 Sqm

150 Sqm

200 Sqm

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Cenchi mini splash park packages offer array of exciting splash pad features, ensuring hours of fun for children of all ages. Cenchi with its safe design, developmental benefits, and versatile usage options.

Whether it’s a backyard or a community event, the mini splash pad is the perfect addition to any indoor and outdoor space. Its compact size allows for easy installation and affordable, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Are you eager to find out how much it costs to build a mini splash park? This article about “mini water park cost” may be helpful to you, if you have a small water park business plan, please let Cenchi know.

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