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Splash Pad Caterpillar Shower Attractions

Splash Pad Caterpillar Shower Attractions

The standing caterpillar water spray toy is a supplement to the forest series. The image of the caterpillar is lifelike. With the water spraying from the bottom up inside the body, it looks like a real caterpillar moving. Attacks with a jet of water sprayed from its mouth. This effect makes children closer to the natural ecology in water play and enhances the significance of environmental education.

The shape of the caterpillar and the way of spraying water are novel and unique, which can bring new experiences and surprises to children, stimulate the spirit of exploration, and be fascinated by this strange “creature”. As a member of the forest series, the caterpillar can be naturally combined with trees, flowers, butterflies, and other elements of the forest series.

Caterpillar splash pad constructed from 304 stainless materials. Dimensions L75 * W40 * H340 cm, splash zone 4m * 3m, standard flow rate 3m³/h GPM, Pressure 0.34 –0.69 Bar, Embedded parts Inner diameter Φ 140mm, with embedded parts and foot protector.

The wriggling caterpillar is struggling to stand up, splash of water spew from its belly, woven into silk, this is the process of evolution into a butterfly. Let’s get close and learn from it. Lean more splash pad products!

The standing caterpillar splash pad is a very creative and novel facility choice for splash water parks. It can not only bring visual and interactive fun but also add environmental education significance. It is a very unique water experience project shared by children and parents.

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