water shot

Splash Pad Water Shot Attractions

Essential children’s toys for splash parks. This is a water spray artifact that enhances the interaction between partners, suitable for single player swimming, multiplayer melee, widely used in a variety of theme spray parks. Click for more splash pad product!

dog water park

Dog Water Park Features

As an avid animal lover, you can often find Cenchi checking out the newest trends in dog water park or looking at cute puppy videos. Cenchi is an outstanding enterprise in wet park facility manufacturer. With over 15 years of experience in splash pad park sprinkler features, has acted as an splash park lead on a …

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Water Play Equipment

Children Interactive Water Play

Children water play equipment, also known as Aquatic splash pad, are essential water play equipment in water parks. Children Splash Pad Introduction Children splash pad is not divided by the name of the amusement facilities. Children splash pad is mainly classified according to the structure and movement form, that is, the amusement facilities with similar …

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swimming pool sprays

Swimming Pool Sprays

Swimming pool sprays toy for kids is widely used in public places and commercial places, hotels, holiday materials, campgrounds and playgrounds all over the world. Water sprayers can be assembled indoors and outdoors, and they can be used as a good complement to commercial projects. Cenchi can integrate stainless steel and water splash pads of …

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